Bologna’s hinterland and Palazzo de’ Rossi

All the charm of a fascinating complex nestled in the hills of Bologna

September 15, 2022: Palazzo de’ Rossi is one of the most impressive and prestigious historic residences in Bologna. The elegant late-Gothic-style building, located in Pontecchio, was built at the end of the 15th century at the behest of Bartolomeo de’ Rossi, a wealthy merchant from Parma who wanted to create an oasis of peace and refreshment within his large agricultural estate.

Since then, despite several modifications, the palace still retains its majestic and elegant nature, and communicates a magical atmosphere typical of the Courts of the past.

Modena Cento Ore’s participants will admire the wonderful estate on October 6 during the lunch break, before getting back behind the wheel and resuming the race.

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