Competition or Regularity

Competition or regularity?


The “Cento Ore” is an exciting journey along wonderful scenic routes with circuit races, hillclimbs on closed roads and unique evenings in astonishing locations, all sewn together with touristic and cultural hints.

At the MCO, the aim is to enjoy the event and arrive on time at the final checkpoint in Modena. If your car has technical problems and you miss some checkpoints or special stages, you will get penalties, but you will always be allowed to cross the finish line.

You can enjoy all of this by entering either in the Competition or in the Regularity section, which are briefly explained below.

And don’t forget that to finish first, first you have to finish!


Drive as fast as you can!

In the competition section, the ranking is calculated by adding up the times in which you completed the circuit races and the special stages, plus any penalties; the “Index of Performance” Classification is corrected with a coefficient based on age and technical specifications of the car.

Driver and co-driver must present a valid FIA International or National licence and wear FIA-approved helmets and overalls. Car equipment must meet the FIA Sporting Code – Appendix K and must hold a valid FIA HTP. We accept cars from Period C to I (from 1919 to 1981; for periods G-H-I a sporting past is appreciated) and from the following Classes: OS, T-TC, GT-GTS, GTP, TSRC.

Yes, also Two Seater Racing Cars are welcome at the Cento Ore! If your car is not registered for road use and you feel she can withstand the 1.000 km route, we can assist you in obtaining a temporary plate that will allow you to drive her during the event.

Driver and co-driver must always stay together along the route and during special stages, while in circuit races only one pilot is allowed in the car. In circuit races, cars start from the grid and the grid order is made according to the provisional classification.

This category is recommended for competitors who are not motor racing experts and the ones who prefer to fully enjoy the pleasure of the tour. Regularity has a slightly more relaxed schedule.

The Regularity section follows the exact same route of the Competition section and features timed laps in circuits and timed trials on roads closed to traffic!

In the circuits, you will have to drive your first lap as you wish and then repeat the same time in the following laps. Regularity trials on closed roads are “average speed trials”, in wich you will have the option of choosing between high or low average speed. In both cases, if your time will be higher or lower than the expected time, you will get penalties that will sum in the final ranking.

Driver and co-driver must always stay together, on the roads and in the circuits.
To apply for the regularity section, you must enter a car built prior to 1977 (some exceptions are possible up to 1985), however you don’t need any particular paper, just a nice car! FIA HTP or FIVA passport are welcome but not mandatory.

Driver and co-driver can have a FIA competition or regularity licence or they will be issued a temporary licence by the Italian Motorsport Authority (ACI Sport). There’s no need for FIA-approved overalls, but both driver and co-driver are requested to wear a helmet during timed trials (a motorbike helmet will be fine).


Enjoy the tour and take
your stopwatch with you!