Riccione: the green pearl of the Adriatic Sea

The traditional flavors of Romagna

August 25, 2022: Riccione, considered the “heart” of Italian summer holidays, is a trendy city where fashion, elegance, vibrant atmosphere, and the pleasures of life never fail to captivate the visitors.

The well-equipped beach and Viale Ceccarini, the main boulevard with its glamorous boutiques, clubs, water parks and discos are the emblematic features of this seaside resort.

Riccione is also known for its spas and thermal waters, ideal for curative treatments. The thermal park Riccione Terme, with its sulphureous waters, is an ideal establishment for relaxation and wellness.

Drivers will make their way into the city on Tuesday, October 4, and they will display their cars for everyone to admire in Piazzale Roma. The crews will enjoy the tasty dishes of Romagna during an aperitivo in the iconic Viale Ceccarini, the social center of the sunny Riccione.

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“Life is racing, everything else is just waiting”

Foto Credit: Daniele Casalboni for Comune di Riccione