Modena Cento Ore 2023: Third Leg

Mugello Circuit, immersed in the wonders of Tuscany

October 13, 2023: Another day of racing for the Modena Cento Ore crews, the penultimate day before reaching the final finish line in front of the Ducal Palace of Modena. Participants set out early aboard their wheeled treasures, crossing Umbria and Tuscany, heading to the Mugello, one of Italy’s most famous and beloved circuits, and Florence, the Renaissance jewel of Italy. During the morning, the route proved to be particularly challenging for the drivers, especially near Passo dello Spino and Croce ai Mori, where two more Special Stages were held for the Competition and Regularity sections. Adrenaline perfectly complemented enchanting passages: this time, it was the turn of Bibbiena and Casentino, and Scarperia with its beautiful Palazzo dei Priori. The Mugello Circuit, a temple of speed, finally welcomed the participants for lunch and a third afternoon of racing.

The afternoon concluded with racing on the track and the roar of engines, in the typical spirit of the competition, competitive yet enthusiastic, in an atmosphere of camaraderie and general enjoyment. All participants then left their cars in the Closed Park at the Circuit to savor an unforgettable moment in the heart of Florence.

Thursday evening was the Gala Soirée of the twenty-third edition of the Modena Cento Ore, at the historic Teatro della Pergola, one of the oldest theaters in the country. In this dreamlike atmosphere, guests enjoyed the intense performance of soprano Maria Luigia Borsi and breathtaking stage effects.

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