Modena Cento Ore 2023: First Leg

The Vallelunga Circuit, passing through Tuscany and Lazio

October 11, 2023: After the accreditation, checks, and the inaugural evening, which took place yesterday at the Argentario Golf & Wellness Resort *****, the Modena Cento Ore got into the heart of the competition this morning, with the convoys departing from Orbetello, escorted by the Polizia Stradale, heading towards the Vallelunga Circuit.

At Vallelunga, the cars, divided into the Competition and Regularity sections, competed against each other, chasing each other between the curbs of the Lazio circuit, in a morning filled with adrenaline and enthusiasm.

After the races, the cars set off again, passing through Etruria, a land of charm and historical and scenic wonders. Here, the teams stopped for lunch in the magnificent jewel of the Ancient Village of Sutri. The route of the day then unfolded along Lazio, returning towards Tuscany, passing through the beautiful city of Viterbo and the evocative panorama of Bolsena Lake.

However, the challenges of the first stage of the day were not over. Along the way, the teams competed in the first two of the nine Special Stages that will keep them busy throughout the event, those of Cura di Vetralla and Manciano.

The day finally ended in Porto Santo Stefano, with the leg finish and a relaxing dinner by the seaside, before returning to Monte Argentario to recharge for the second day of the Modena Cento Ore race.

The second leg has started from the Orbetello Lagoon at 7:40 this morning. The teams will travel through Tuscany to reach Umbria, where they will compete at the Magione Circuit and stay in Perugia.

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